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Isla Contoy

Isla Contoy is a scenic island situated about 20 miles north of Isla Mujeres. Why do people visit Isla Contoy? Because Isla Contoy is a gorgeous island filled with wildlife. Consider this: Isla Contoy is home to over 150 species of birds. It’s...

MUSA Snorkel

This is one of the most popular activities in Isla Mujeres. Why? Because you get so much value for your money. 
First, start off by heading to Jason deCaires Taylor’s one-of-a-kind underwater sculpture museum that’s been featured on the BBC,...

Whale Shark

Can you imagine swimming with the world’s largest fish? It’s a life-changing experience you’ll never forget. To be in the presence of this gentle giant is difficult to describe. Words don’t do it justice. Consider this, two tours in one....

Puerto Morelos Snorkel

About Us

Our mission is to deliver tours only in places that represent the Real Mexico, where the Mexicans eat, sleep, live and laugh… nobody knows how to enjoy Mexico better than Mexicans!

The sparkling Mexican Caribbean Sea has so much to offer, it’s gorgeous, It’s natural and most importantly, Mother Nature will not and cannot be bested by man.

We want our Tours to leave you speechless, thrilled and excited. We hope to create experiences that will stay with you forever.

So don’t be like so many other tourists who come to Cancun and lock themselves away in all-inclusive resort.

News & articles

Jun 16, 2017

Swimming with Whalesharks in Isla Mujeres: Don’t Miss This!

Swimming with Whalesharks in Isla Mujeres: Don’t Miss This! (Source) What is there to do in Isla Mujeres or Cancun? Swimming with whalesharks! Trust me…You don’t want to miss this! Sure. Isla Mujeres has beautiful beaches with...

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May 16, 2017

A Guide to Snorkeling in Isla Mujeres

A Guide to Snorkeling in Isla Mujeres Are looking for the Real Mexico? There’s no better place to find that, than Isla Mujeres. It’s a beautiful, picturesque island surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters. This long slender island truly...

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May 16, 2017

5 Breathtaking Reasons to Plan an Isla Mujeres Vacation Now

You’ve planned the perfect Cancun vacation. Or so you think. There’s one last place you’re thinking about visiting. But you’re just not sure if it’s worth your time and money. You’re wondering if you should visit Isla Mujeres or...

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