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Isla Contoy

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Isla Contoy is a scenic island situated about 20 miles north of Isla Mujeres. Why do people visit Isla Contoy? Because Isla Contoy is a gorgeous island filled with wildlife. Consider this: Isla Contoy is home to over 150 species of birds. It’s also a vast nesting area for sea-turtles. There also horseshoe crabs throughout.

That doesn’t even include all the sea life you will encounter. No wonder this island is a protected national park.

Start by going to Isla Contoy by boat. Then you can go snorkeling, swimming, and explore the island. Later you’ll enjoy a local mouth-watering dish called “Tik-in-chik”.

Duration: 8 hours.

If you’re staying in Isla Mujeres

  • Arrive at 8:00 am at the pier behind the Pemex Gas Station on Rueda Avenue (the same street as the Ultra Mar Pier, the main ferry pier to Isla Mujeres).
  • Boat departs from Isla Mujeres at 8:15 am.
    If you’re staying in Cancun.
  • Arrive at 8:40 am at the Punta Sam pier (at the end of Bonampak Avenue, alongside the Puerta del Mar Hotel, at the entrance of Playa Mujeres)
  • Boat departs from Cancun at 9:00 am.
  • Return Time
    Isla Mujeres: 3:30 pm
    Punta Sam (Cancun): 5:00 pm

  • Please don’t arrive intoxicated, as you will not be permitted onboard.
  • Please bring a long-sleeve t-shirt as the use of sunblock is not permitted in order not to damage the ecosystem
    It is not permitted to remove or injury any plants or animals from the island.
  • No fires are permitted on the island as it is a protected sanctuary for many species including the frigatebird.

What you should bring?

•    Bathing suit (with a long-sleeve t-shirt preferably)
•    Towel
•    Sandals
•    Don’t forget to bring to bring your camera as professional photography is not offered for this tour.
•    The port issues a 10 USD dollar (or 150 MXN pesos) fee to everyone who enters the boat. (We do not collect any of this money).

•    All snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins).
•    Life-jackets (must be used throughout the tour).
•    Tikin-Xic Fish with rice/noodles and a salad, grilled chicken, guacamole, ceviche.
•    Beer, soda, and water.
•    Certified Captain & Co-Captain.

  • After departing (from Isla Mujeres at 8:15 am, and Cancun at 9:00 am) we’ll enjoy a short boat ride across the Mexican Caribbean Sea.
  • Snorkeling at Ixlache Coral Reef
    Then we’ll get ready to snorkel at the amazing Ixlache Coral Reef alongside one our expert guides.
  • Isla Contoy
    After snorkeling we’ll arrive at the coast of the gorgeous Isla Contoy where only 200 people per day are permitted.

Here you can…

•    Explore the island’s mangroves
•    Have a peaceful walk along the coast
•    Take incredible pictures of the whole island from a scenic tower
•    Birdwatch a wide variety of seabirds on the island, like the iconic red-chested frigatebird
•    Swim in the warm bay
Meanwhile…the Captain & Co-Captain will get all the food ready like…
•    Tikin Xic Fish (a delicious Mayan dish made with achiote sauce)
•    Grilled Fish
•    Ceviche
•    Guacamole
•    Sides of rice or noodles, salad and fruit
•    Beer, soda, water
Isla Mujeres
After we’ve eaten at Isla Contoy, we head to Isla Mujeres. Here you can explore the island for about 80-90 minutes.
Punta Sam (Cancun)
After this, those heading back to Cancun will return to Punta Sam (Cancun) at around 5:00 pm.